Leaving the periphery Leaving the periphery assumes a possible future in which smell is almost completely digitalized. Odors can be recorded in it by sensors and can be recognized systematically.
An odor that claims the carrying person into the social center was created. For this purpose, visual material was systematically analyzed, primarily from Instagram. The question arises as to which odours emanate from images that are characterized by the absence of illness, old age and poverty and thus visualize the most hierarchical position within social power differentials.
The resulting odor is at the same time a mask, a protective shield with which the wearer can position himself or herself in front of odor sensors from the social periphery. An olfactory filter, a product of the future.

The exhibition is curated by Carolin Potthast.
Duration: 31.10.20-31.12.2020
Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, exhibition space 45cbm